High Concentration PV

High Concentration PV

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Our first High Concentration PV (HCPV) full-scale, proof of concept 
50 kW solar power plant. Solar module efficiency tested at > 40%. 

Our High Concentration PV (CPV - HCPV) technology was designed, built, 
installed and operated with financial and technical assistance from:


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Austin, Texas


High Concentration PV

What is
High Concentration PV?

High Concentration PV, also referred to as "High Concentration Photovoltaic" or simply HCPV, is a solar PV power generation system that "concentrates" large amounts of solar energy onto small amounts of active solar material thereby generating more power/energy than typical solar energy systems.

High Concentration PV power plants are "fueled" with the energy from the sun. High Concentration PV solar power plants operate at much higher efficiencies compared with typical solar PV panels. Our High Concentration PV technology is now rated at > 40% efficiency, as compared with standard PV panels that are around 12% to 17% efficiency.

Best of all, our HCPV solar power plants use about 99% less water than typical concentrating solar power plants. 

And, our HCPV solar power plants generate 1 MW of electricity on 50% less land than concentrated solar power plants at about 40% less cost.

There is nothing in the solar industry that can compete with our HCPV technology!



More about our > 40% High-efficiency, High Concentration PV
Solar Technology

High Concentration PV, also known as Concentrated Solar, represents the highest efficiencies available in solar PV technologies.

The Renewable Energy Institute, in partnership with a U.S. based engineering company with over 30 years R&D in High Concentration PV technology, is now offering this technology for locations in the Southwest U.S. The Solar HCPV company specializes in the design, research/development and distribution of this HCPV technology which has surpassed the 40% efficiency barrier. While many of today's solar PV panels are considered "efficient" at 15%, our HCPV technology is already > than 40% efficiency, and in the near future, we will be increasing our efficiency to over 60%.

Even at today's 40% efficiency, our HCPV technology provides nearly 3 times the economic revenues of any 12-15% efficient PV panel. And today, our HCPV technology is already the most efficient, environmentally-friendly solar technology available anywhere in the world.

While 15-16% efficient PV panels are still in high demand—mostly due to financial subsidies and incentives—these 15-16% efficient PV panels are NOT profitable without the economic incentives. Our HCPV technology is profitable from day one, even without financial incentives Investment Tax Credits, Feed In Tariffs, or any other government subsidies. Thus, we foresee our HCPV solar technology to be the technology of choice not only in the short-term, but the long-term as well.

Our HCPV solar power system equipment is also the most reliable PV technology available today. Unlike other solar PV technologies, our HCPV is superior due to the materials of construction (and without the toxic and lethal components of Cadmium Telluride used in other PV panels).

Update August 2012: Our client company has re-designed its utility-scale HCPV technology for "Solar Cogeneration" applications in the commercial market (hotels, hospitals, universities, nursing homes, restaurants, etc.). Their patent-pending Solar Cogeneration systems not only generate 2-3 times more power than the typical solar panel, but also generate 170-180 degree hot water!

Finally, and most importantly, our HCPV solar technology does NOT decrease in efficiency with time; which is the case with all other PV technologies available today. And our new Solar Cogeneration systems also incorporate heat recovery, drawing heat away from the solar panel to generate practically-free hot water, which also keeps our solar panels much cooler, which keeps efficiencies high while extending the life. 

Engineering/project development services available for solar power projects located in Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico and West Texas.

"Net Zero Energy" Revenues to Reach $1.3 Trillion by 2035

Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?



High Concentration PV - HCPV

Concentrated Solar Power  Solar Cogeneration  Solar Thermal Systems  Solar Trigeneration



What is "Decentralized Energy"?

Decentralized Energy is the opposite of "centralized energy."  Decentralized Energy energy generates the power and energy that a residential, commercial or industrial customer needs, onsite. Examples of decentralized energy production are solar energy systems and solar trigeneration energy systems.

Today's electric utility industry was "born" in the 1930's, when fossil fuel prices were cheap, and the cost of wheeling the electricity via transmission power lines, was also cheap.  "Central" power plants could be located hundreds of miles from the load centers, or cities, where the electricity was needed. These extreme inefficiencies and cheap fossil fuel prices have added a considerable economic and environmental burden to the consumers and the planet.

Centralized energy is found in the form of electric utility companies that generate power from "central" power plants. Central power plants are highly inefficient, averaging only 33% net system efficiency.  This means that the power coming to your home or business - including the line losses and transmission inefficiencies of moving the power - has lost 75% to as much as 80% energy it started with at the "central" power plant.  These losses and inefficiencies translate into significantly increased energy expenses by the residential and commercial consumers.

Decentralized Energy
is the Best Way to Generate Clean and Green Energy! 

How we make and distribute electricity is changing! 

The electric power generation, transmission and distribution system (the electric "grid") is changing and evolving from the electric grid of the 19th and 20th centuries, which was inefficient, highly-polluting, very expensive and “dumb.”  

The "old" way of generating and distributing energy resembles this slide:


The electric grid of the 21st century (see slide below) will be Decentralized, Smart, Efficient and provide "carbon free energy" and “pollution free power” to customers who remain on the electric grid.  Some customers will choose to dis-connect from the grid entirely.  (Electric grid represented by the small light blue circles in the slide below.)

Typical "central power plants" and the electric utility companies that own them will either be shut-down, closed or go out of business due to one or more of the following:  failed business model, inordinate expenses related to central power plants that are inefficient, excessive pollution/emissions, high costs, continued reliance on the use of fossil fuels to generate energy, and the failure to provide efficient, carbon free energy and pollution free power

Carbon free energy and pollution free power reduces our dependence on foreign oil and makes us Energy Independent while reducing and eliminating Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

* Some of the above information from the Department of Energy website with permission.



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